ENERMAX抯 new generation towers to liberate restrictions of space

Taoyuan, November 18th 2011.

ENERMAX抯 new generation towers to liberate restrictions of space

ENERMAX is pleased to announce the new flagship tower series: Fulmo GT and Fulmo.  They are the fusion of performance and style, with exceptional compatibility and ease-of-use design. This series comes in both full-tower and mid-tower sizes, each providing different configurations. The Fulmo and Fulmo GT meet different demands from advanced users to performance craving enthusiasts.


Fulmo GT : A monster is never full
Fulmo GT is a HPTX MB-supported full-tower case. Its jaw-dropping volume allows massive storage of up to 14 drives, dual PSU mounts, and quad dual-slot VGA cards with 425mm/16.73 inches in depth. Furthermore, it provides 7 liquid cooling holes, a up to 420mm depth radiator space, and can hold astonishing 15 to 20 fans.

Newly-adopted 18cm Vegas LED fans with multi-lighting keeps you delighted by its nice effects. An integrated fan speed knob allows total control of three fans to provide dynamic thermal solution for systems under different loads. In addition, there are more than sufficient USB 3.0 ports with one external SATA dock that makes massive data transfers in no time.
Whether you are looking for a robust workstation or want to build an ice fortress for your hard-core gaming rig, Fulmo GT is definitely your answer!


Fulmo : No more struggling for inches
Though packed in mid-tower size, there is no compromise on its performance. Fulmo proposes a real novel solution for space restrictions, which allows up to 410mm/16.14inches of clearance for VGA card installations, and saves struggling for inches or trade-off between HDD devices.

In addition, the Fulmo has upgradability for triple VGA cards and a total of 10 to 14 fan mounts, and 5 holes for liquid cooling tube, making it the ideal choice to maintain cool temperature.

Sharing the same design attributes with Fulmo GT, the Fulmo inherits the fan LED control, top USB 3.0 interface, and external SATA dock. All in all, Fulmo surpasses rivals both functionally and aesthetically.



Brief spec comparison described in following tables. For detail specification, please visit our website www.enermax.com or contact your nearest ENERMAX distributor or agent.



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